Free Resizing

We offer one FREE resizing (within 2 full sizes) of your ring within 30 days after the original order was received. You will be responsible for any related shipping cost.
If you require a resizing of more than 2 full sizes, or you are beyond the free resizing period or times, we would still be happy to perform the resize for you, for a reasonable fee.

Please note:
1.Total resizing period (starting from the day you received your initial order) must not exceed 60 days from when the original order was received.
2.Resizing for the first time is free(within 30 days), each additional resizing will occur a small fee of $10, resizing is limited to up to three times.
3.If you have received the wrong size item, SayaBling will cover the back and forth shipping fees; But if you ordered the wrong size, you’ll be responsible for the back and forth shipping fees.

To have your item resized, please contact