The Materials We Use

All jewelry at Sayabling is made of S925 silver.

What is S925 Silver?

S925 is a sign of silver content in silver products, indicating that the silver content in jewelry is as high as 92.50%.

Will it cause skin allergies?

Sterling silver is hypoallergenic and often people are allergic to jewelry, possibly because of the nickel in the jewelry. According to statistics, up to 10% of people are allergic to nickel. That figure rises to 20 percent among younger women, who are more likely to be exposed to nickel-containing jewelry. These allergies can cause itchy, inflamed, and unsightly skin, which is why you may want to avoid nickel altogether, even if you've never had a jewelry allergy before.

Because sterling silver is made from 92.5% sterling silver, it's an excellent hypoallergenic jewelry option and far less likely to cause contact dermatitis.

How is the durability?

At Sayabling we use S925 Sterling Silver as the material and our over 10 years of fine jewelry making craftsmanship to provide you with timeless jewelry that you will treasure forever and possibly pass on as an heirloom to future generations!

Knowing how to take care of it means your work will still look the same after 40 years. That's why it's worth paying a little more for genuine sterling silver jewelry, as the quality and longevity of your pieces far outweigh the cost.